“I’ve had many dogs over the years, but this is the best puppy I’ve ever owned.  He is so laid back and easy.”

“We are so glad we found you.  In the past we had some bad experiences buying puppies.  Our cavachon puppy is so sweet and we get comments about her everywhere we go. We are ready for another one.”

“I looked for a cavachon for over a year and couldn’t find a breeder I felt comfortable about.  The first time I talked to you on the phone I knew you were the one.  You answered my multiple questions with patience and were so nice.  When we visited your home I was impressed with the puppies and your adult dogs too.  Finding you was a blessing.”

“Our girls got so excited when you would send us pictures and videos of our puppy.  They would laugh at the videos of Scamp playing with his brothers and sisters.  Every day when they got off the school bus they would ask if we had a new video.”